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As an outsourced solution for small businesses in the Harrisburg area, I am here to take the bookkeeping function completely off an owner's plate.  The process starts with a foundation of sound financials.  It is essential that bookkeeping is performed accurately and in a timely fashion as it is the drive for actionable financial information as well as the basis for tax filings.  Errors in the books can be very costly, from poor decision making on faulty data to overpaying taxes.  Therein lies the benefit of having an experienced accountant handle your bookkeeping functions.

Quickbooks Online is my accounting platform of choice as it is the clear cut industry leader and is robust enough to handle 100% of the accounting needs of virtually all small businesses.  It allows for integration with a multitude of apps (e.g., time tracking, expense reporting, online bill pay, etc.) that provide for a more efficient accounting system, which increases accuracy and saves a tremendous amount of time and money.  As a Quickbooks ProAdvisor, I will work with you to transfer your bookkeeping to the Quickbooks Online platform.



As your bookkeeper, I can record transactions, review cash liquidity, capture and properly code all bank and credit card transactions, perform bank and credit card reconciliations each month, assist in tracking inventory, manage fixed asset depreciation, file 1099s, and review financial reports for accuracy.  

Accounts Receivable


If you want to take the function of billing customers off of your plate, I can submit invoices, track unpaid invoices, send out friendly reminders to customers, and record payments received.


Accounts Payable


If you don't want to handle the bills anymore, I am available to record vendor bills, review unpaid bills (by tracking billing dates, amounts due, and payment due dates), and paying vendors.

Sales Tax Filings


If you collect sales tax from customers, I can help to track sales tax due to Pennsylvania and make sure that all sales taxes are filed and paid on a timely basis. 

Payroll Services


I can take over the payroll process for you.  I can run the ongoing employee payroll, record expenses and withholdings, and file and pay payroll taxes to the appropriate agencies by their due dates.


What are the needs of your business?


If you would like to receive any of the services above, or if there are specifics to your business that you would like to discuss, please schedule a free consultation with me.  Click on this link below.


Timothy Kirk Johnson, Accountant

1947 Mulberry St.

Harrisburg, PA  17104



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